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Painting the Space at Aquarius

Flanked by two examples of her own work, artist Vesna Delevska looks comfortable in the soft, warm light of Aquarius Wellness and strikes a thoughtful tone as she speaks about…

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Ego vs Observer: Shifting our Emotional Perspective

Have you ever given a name to the part of you who feels like she deserves to be abandoned, who’s terrified to slow down, falls back on wine, chocolate, and…

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Massage Therapy: Ancient Healing Practice With Modern Day Benefits

With so much focus these days on going back to our roots as a means of healing, it’s no wonder massage therapy is becoming a popular wellness option. As one…

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How to Manage Chronic Stress With Acupuncture

We all know the feeling of being stressed out and some of us are all too familiar with it. But many experts feel that most of the stress people experience…

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What is Music Therapy?

I was one of those kids. You know, the kid who knows what career she wants almost from birth. Well, mine wasn’t from birth, but I can actually remember the…

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