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Tips for Creating the Best Workout Playlists

“Music nerd” is a strong word that could mean a lot of things. Am I a nerd if I hear music when no one else does? (It’s playing, really!) Am... Read More

Wellness Practices for Disease Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. –Benjamin Franklin Many of us have regular exercise and dietary habits because we like the immediate satisfaction we feel. Eating... Read More

Andrew’s Signature Massage: A Review

“Allow yourself to sink into the table”…as soon as Andrew said those words, I knew it was what I had been doing since I walked into Aquarius Wellness. I’ll admit... Read More

How to Manage Chronic Stress With Acupuncture

We all know the feeling of being stressed out and some of us are all too familiar with it. But many experts feel that most of the stress people experience... Read More

What is Music Therapy?

I was one of those kids. You know, the kid who knows what career she wants almost from birth. Well, mine wasn’t from birth, but I can actually remember the... Read More

Raising Your Energy Vibration

Why Should You Raise Your Energy Vibration? When your energy vibration is high you are filled with Divine Love and Light. It will assist in guiding you along your spiritual... Read More