The Healing Energy of Gemstones

If you are new to working with the energies of crystals, learning to sense their energy may take some time and practice. Gemstone energies are very delicate and subtle, therefore, the sensations you may receive will be delicate and subtle as well. Be patient. Whether you sense the energy of the stone or not, its energies will still have an effect on you. No two people will experience the energy of a stone the same way. Any or all of your senses may be involved in picking up their subtle vibrations: sight, sound, physical sensation, smell, or it may be a feeling you have within—an inner knowing that this is the right stone for you. If the sensations delight you, interest you or make you feel good, then chances are the stone is a good choice for your own personal needs.

What Are Gemstones and Crystals?

Gemstones/Crystals can be:

  • A tool for healing on many levels of your being
  • An ornament of decoration for yourself or your space
  • A source of inspiration and beauty
  • A focal point and assistant in meditation
  • A great way to protect yourself from negative energies
  • A way to raise your energy vibration and the vibration in your home
  • A powerful assistant for your inner spiritual work
  • A teacher on many levels (Some gemstones take millions of years to form and many say they hold the wisdom of the Earth’s past and future).


Tips for Purchasing Gemstones

Always remember, your first and best guide to choosing your gemstones is using your own intuition and inner guidance.  

  • Using your non-dominant hand, run it over several small stones until you feel a sensation. It’s different for everyone. You could feel warmth, cold, a magnetic sensation, tingling or simply just an inner knowing.
  • Notice what colors have been attracting your attention recently. Those are the colors your body is craving or “needs”. Find stones in those colors, then try the techniques above to see if you pick up any sensations. If you do not sense anything immediately don’t be discouraged, building these senses takes time.
  • You can choose a color based on the colors of the chakra system or a part of your body you feel is in need of healing. Our body has 7 main “energy centers”, or chakras, located along the spine that correlate with different organs and parts of the body as well as our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.
  • You may also notice when looking at stones some will seem to jump right out at you, or they may feel as if they are speaking to you. The gemstone may appear brighter or shinier than others. Or you may just not be able to take your eyes off it. Pick up the stone and sense its vibrations. See how it makes you feel. If the feelings are pleasant then that is the right stone for you.
  • Look into the metaphysical properties of the stones you are attracted to. Try to find stones that are specific to your need or desire. There are several books as well as websites that list these meanings.
  • Another unique and fun way to choose crystals is with a pendulum also known as dowsing.  We will go into further discussion on dowsing and its uses in a later blog.
  • Hold the gemstone to your third eye (located at the center of your forehead between your eyebrows), close your eyes for 1-3 minutes. Notice any feelings or sensations you receive. You may also see colors or even hear words. Be open and receptive.

Gemstone Healing Guide

  • Always use your intuition first and foremost when choosing a gemstone.
  • Don’t be limited by imperfections (some of my most powerful stones are the ones that are not perfect but unique).
  • Choose stones for their energy not for their looks.
  • Polished vs. Raw: Choose what appeals to you the most. The energies are almost always identical but some people prefer one over the other. Some polished stones are shaped such as spheres, pyramids, points, etc. The direction they send their energy out varies depending on the shape, but the energy of the stone and its metaphysical properties do not change.
  • Check the metaphysical properties of gemstones that attract your attention and see how you can best work with them.
  • Don’t haggle over price, do your research. You don’t want the energy of lower value attached to your crystal or your outlook.



Cleansing Your Gemstones

It’s important to note that when you purchase new stones they may have been handled by several people, all the way from the mine and into your hands. This means the energy may not feel as strong or it may feel indifferent—even if you’re attracted to it. There is no need to be concerned. Your new gemstone just needs to be cleansed.  

There are several different ways of doing this. I recommend choosing the way that feels right to you and one you find that is convenient. All gemstones need to be cleansed after you purchase them in order for them to be working at their optimal level. It’s recommended that you cleanse your stones after every use when working with them for healing (just once per day).

Stones placed in your environment need to be cleansed every 2-4 weeks or as you intuitively feel they need it. Remember gemstones can absorb energy as well as direct it, so it’s important to cleanse them regularly so they are working at their peak performance.

Gemstone Cleansing Techniques

As part of the gemstone healing guide, it’s important to know the different techniques for cleansing your gemstones. Here are six different techniques you can use:

1. Smudging

Smudging is an ancient and sacred technique used by Native Americans to cleanse and purify spaces, objects and people. Desert Sage or “White Sage” has been traditionally used for this purpose as well as Palo Santo sticks. Using a fire safe container to catch any ashes, simply light the sage bundle or leaves until it produces a small steady amount of smoke. A feather is then often used to fan the smoke from the sage around the object such as a gemstone, a space or person that is being cleansed. Be sure to put all embers out when you intuitively feel the cleansing is complete. This should only take a few minutes depending on how large of an area you are working with.

2. Running Water

Another effective technique for cleansing your stones is to place them under tepid running water for several minutes. Be sure to research your stones carefully. Some do not tolerate water and will rust or disintegrate. Running water is very important. You never want to use stagnant water that has been sitting in a container etc. The ocean and rivers are wonderful places to cleanse your stones in nature. Just be very careful not to drop them or bye-bye! This has happened to me more than once. I now put my stones in a netted drawstring bag before submerging them. It’s also important to mention intent here. When you are cleansing your stones, whichever way you choose, always have the intent in your mind that you are cleansing and purifying your gemstones and ask the Universe to please fill them with love and light. This is a good practice to get into. Intent is everything as you will learn.

3. Sound

Sound is an extremely effective way to cleanse and remove unwanted energies that your stones may have accumulated, and it helps to return them back to their natural state. This type of cleansing can be done in several ways. A metal or crystal singing bowl is a great cleanser and purifier, as are Tibetan tingshas. Other popular tools are tuning forks, bells and chimes. Sound is a very powerful tool that can also be used for cleansing your environment as well as your own energy.

4. Stones

The stone selenite is another wonderful way to not only cleanse your stones but to charge them with positive energy as well. Simply place the stones in need of cleansing on or against a piece of selenite for at least one to two hours. However, I prefer to leave my stones lying on the selenite overnight. Another popular stone for this purpose is citrine. It can be used in the same manner as selenite.

5. Sunlight and Moonlight

Sunlight and moonlight have been used to both cleanse and charge stones. I prefer to use this method after I’ve used one of the above cleansing techniques. Again, use your intuition here. What’s right for one person may not be right for another. Windowsills can be a great place for doing this technique, but many people prefer to take their crystals outdoors when charging with the sun and moon. Just do what feels right to you.

6. Energy Healing

Reiki or other forms of energy healing can be applied to a stone/crystal to both cleanse and to charge it as well. Even if you are not a certified practitioner you can still use the power of your intent along with the Universal Divine Energy that exists within each one of us to purify and charge your stones. One way to do this is using visualization. Close your eyes and imagine a beam of golden light, or any other color that comes to your mind, shining down through the crown (top) of your head and filling your entire being. Allow this light to run down your arms and out the palms of your hands into your stones. The more you are able to practice this visualization the easier and easier it will become. Remember that your thoughts and intentions are very powerful so always focus on what you want to see manifest and the Universe will answer. Namaste.

Jennifer Rogers received her Reiki certification in 2006, and soon after she received certification in Gemstone Energy Healing. Jennifer has studied many other holistic healing modalities over her 20 year career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. She uses a combination of healing techniques which are tailor fit to each client’s needs and goals. Jennifer is also a gifted psychic and medium. She offers intuitive Tarot and Oracle card readings as a way to help guide her clients on their Divine life path. In addition to these services Jennifer also offers 2 Spiritual Health Coaching Programs. For more information on Jennifer’s services please visit our Services page or email Jennifer Rogers at:, or call 314-835-8496.

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