Raising Your Energy Vibration

Why Should You Raise Your Energy Vibration?

When your energy vibration is high you are filled with Divine Love and Light. It will assist in guiding you along your spiritual path. Also by raising your energy vibration lower vibrational people and entities will be repelled by your vibration and avoid you. Why? Because higher vibrational beings give off loving energy and light which makes those who are lower vibrational beings very uncomfortable. Like attracts like, people seek out those whom their vibration closely matches. Your higher vibration will benefit you in all areas of your life and bring you closer to Source.

Tips For Raising Your Energy Vibration

Positive Thoughts

Be positive in your thoughts and words. Thought creates form. Just like the old saying “Be careful what you wish for.” It’s all about the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Always try to replace a negative thought or statement with the opposite positive statement. Instead of saying “I think I’m catching a cold.” Replace that with “Thank you Source/God for blessing me with perfect health.”

Daily Affirmations

We can reprogram our mind to think more optimistically and positively by repeating positive affirmations to ourselves daily. Having a more positive outlook on life will bring you more mental and emotional balance not to mention peace of mind and good physical health. I like to leave myself notes around the house with uplifting quotes and positive affirmations. Always feel and believe what you are affirming to be the absolute truth, and you will see the Universe give you exactly what you wish for.


Music that is uplifting and calming such as New Age, Native American, Instrumental, Nature Sounds, Spa, etc. Sanskrit Mantras played on a cd or chanted aloud or silently can greatly raise your energy vibration. Deva Premal has beautiful mantras that are sung on cd and online. I also highly recommend books and CDs on Sanskrit Mantra by Thomas Ashley-Farrand and David Frawley.  Chimes and bells work well to clear any stagnant energy from yourself as well as your space and will raise your vibration. Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls & tingshas work well also.


Smudging is the burning of leaves and using smoke to cleanse and purify. Using the smoke from the white sage and palo santo sticks will do wonders as well. Be sure to use a fire safe container then light your sage and carefully move the smoke around your body or place it at your feet and allow the smoke to surround you. It is recommended that it be done at the least once per month for your home and weekly for yourself. Also anytime you intuitively feel you’re carrying around any negative or stagnant energy, smudge as often as needed.


Not only do gemstones do a wonderful job of raising anyone’s vibration, but they also offer great protection from absorbing others negative energies by carrying them on your person or placing them around your home. High vibrational stones such as quartz, selenite, amethyst and citrine are good choices, but always let your intuition be your guide when choosing stones.


Essential oils, natural incense and naturally scented candles are great for uplifting your mood which raises your vibration. Tip: by using the same scent each time you meditate it lets your brain know you’re switching levels of consciousness which can be of great assistance for getting in the “zone” so to speak.


Natural lighting is always best for our health but candle light can be very effective too, as are salt lamps. They have a calming effect and can help reduce stress, which lowers your vibration.


Spend as much time connecting with nature as possible. Mother Earth replenishes our energy. She also takes any negative energy you may have accumulated throughout the day and transmutes it into positive energy. Simply walk barefoot and imagine and feel your feet going deep into the Earth like roots from a tree, anchoring you and centering your being. Or place your hands on the ground and allow all your cares and concerns to flow into Mother Earth.

Jennifer Rogers is a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Gemstone Energy Therapist, Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, Medium & Spiritual Health Coach. Book an appointment at Aquarius Wellness with Jennifer today or visit her website.

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