The chrysalis has opened, the metamorphosis is complete.

Warm Greetings and Welcome to Aquarius Wellness, Center for Healing Arts, your ‘Sanctuary for the Senses’. A Unique, Boutique, Wellness Retreat, Aquarius Wellness has been several years in the making by a Dream Team of Talent and represents the exclusive pairing of a number of the most gifted Wellness Professionals in St. Louis with a remarkably serene, cozy and homelike setting that is truly unlike anything you will have experienced anywhere, and you can expect nothing less than the elite spa experience you so richly deserve!

This retreat is a hidden gem tucked away in the most unlikely of places yet conveniently located in the ‘Sweet Spot’ of St. Louis County on the border of Clayton and Richmond Heights at the intersection of 40/64 and 170, half way between Downtown and Chesterfield. We invite you to experience the Harmonic Wellness that awaits you through a sophisticated and thorough integration of Interior Design, Lighting, Acoustics, and Five Star Service…rest assured, when you’re ready to go into ‘The Zone’ you’ll need to ‘Drop In’!

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To choose a service provided by our delightfully talented Team and conveniently schedule your appointment please click on the "Get Started" link below, our Wellness Professionals stand ready to address your questions and welcome you to our refuge for the nourishment of body, mind and spirit.

To Your Wellness,

Andrew Goodman, Owner
Aquarius Wellness
Center for Healing Arts

Clayton Plaza West
7750 Clayton Rd.
Suite 103
Ph: 314-645-7643


Esthetics Service Menu

Kathy Akman                      

Deep Cleaning Facials, Restorative Facial, Natural Face Lift, PCA Chemical Peel

Caeli Balcer

The R and R, Baby Its You! Oxygen Rx, The SWiCH

Alix Mancuso

Refreshing Facial, Clarifying Enzyme Facial, Peel Away, Luminating Facial, Anti-Gravity Lift

Massage Service Menu

Kathy Akman

Swedish Massage, Warm Stone, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Ball Massage, Foot Reflexology, Scalp Massage

James Williams

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki Massage

Mind Body Specialties Service Menu

Mark Lumpkin

Somatic Dream Interpretation, Performance Psychology

YOGA Service Menu

Mark Lumpkin

Yoga Biomechanics, Private Yoga, Pranayama, Light Body Shavansan

Acupuncture Service Menu

Lily Liu